Which Exercises are Best in Fast Shredding Calories

When we talk about reducing the extra body fat, especially the one that gets built around the belly, exercise is one sure shot way that guarantees weight loss. So if you’re looking forward to shedding those extra kilos, cardio exercises are a must. When you indulge in cardio exercises, you are making yourself more fit and flexible and dropping the extra pounds.

Cardio exercises are efficient to get enough oxygen and blood pumping through your body. Unfortunately, since the gyms are shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic, you can do cardio exercises even at home. However, if you want to shed extra calories without hitting the gym, we have a couple of cardio exercises that you can indulge in.

  1. High-intensity interval training (HIIT): This excellent cardio exercise is for people who want to lose weight quickly in less time. This form of cardio exercise hits your cardiovascular system hard because these exercises are characterised by short and intense workouts followed by immediate rest periods. If you’re looking forward to burning fat quickly, this cardio exercise should be on your list.
  2. Running: This cardio exercise is just great and can be done anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to set a particular time to get this exercise done, just slip into your running shoes and get moving. Your current fitness level will determine how fast you can run, but it is wise to go for long runs to keep your heart rate high. If you want to check your stats during this cardio exercise, you can attach a fitness tracker to your arm and head out.
  3. Swimming: This is a low impact cardio exercise that burns calories quickly and improves your joints and cardiovascular activity. This cardio exercise is a fantastic full-body workout because it requires every muscle in your body to keep you afloat. It improves your stamina and also your lung capacity because of the different breathing techniques needed to swim underwater. Just slip into your favourite swimsuit and dive into the pool where you can flaunt your fantastic swimming skills, especially the beautiful butterfly stroke.
  4. Walking: This cardio exercise can be done every day, anytime and anywhere. The more you walk, the more fat you burn. While it improves your body movements, it will also strengthen your knee joints and help deal with sore ankles. Just put on your walking shoes and your headphones and hit the pavement or the nearby park for a walk. If you want to lose weight quickly, brisk walking is more effective.
  5. Cycling: This cardio exercise can be turned into a high intensity or low-intensity workout, depending on where you take your bike. To burn more calories, you can cycle up a hill, while if you want to be more relaxed in your workout approach, you can go to work cycling instead of using your car or public transport. Not only is this a great cardio exercise, but you are also promoting ‘Go Green’.

Indulge in these cardio exercises to shred the extra calories.


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