Itchy eyes are quite common throughout all seasons. It can be irritating if not addressed well. And rubbing the eyes can make it worse. 

Itchy eyes come from numerous factors that include allergies, infections, pollutants in the environment and other conditions that affect the eyes. Even a cat sitting near you or pollen from the air can cause your eyes to itch.

Itchy Eyes in the Monsoon season

Currently, we’re going through the monsoon season, which can give us its share of itchy eyes. The Monsoons imply that there is a lot of humidity in the air with less sunlight. Hence, it is the perfect breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and other parasitic infections. Just like moulds grow easily in damp locations, these microbes spread around quite easily and can settle down in the eyes. 

It could also result from splashing water on the roads or in your home compound following or during rains. Or when going through a water-logged area. The bacteria present in such water may enter the eyes easily and cause sudden itching or boils. 

The best course of action is to avoid such areas unless it is for unavoidable reasons. That too with protective clothing and eyewear.

Reasons for itchy eyes

There are many reasons why you may get itchy eyes. Similarly, the treatments vary from one situation to the other. This may include home remedies or medications prescribed by the eye doctor. 

  1. Seasonal allergies: You may be allergic to certain elements, such as Pollen, that are released during a particular season. These allergies occur when your body cells react by releasing histamines that act against the allergens. Along with these allergies come other symptoms such as sneezing and cold.
  2. Eye Infections: Bacteria, viruses and other microbes cause infections such as conjunctivitis, uveitis, blepharitis, keratitis, etc. They are contagious and hence, need a doctor’s intervention.
  3. Air pollutants: Certain scents, such as that from automobile fuels, perfumes, and more, can cause itchiness. 
  4. Perennial allergies: These allergies happen year-long. It may be from your soap, shampoo, conditioner or other products that your eyes may come in touch with regularly.
  5. Eyestrain and contact lenses: If you look at screens for a long time, such as smartphones, laptops, TV, etc, without taking a break, you may experience itchiness. The same goes for long drives or reading in poorly lit places. Also, using contacts for a long time without removing them regularly or changing them can cause itchiness.
  6. Dry Eyes: They can cause itchiness due to a lack of enough tears. Hence, it leads to the eyes heating up and dust remaining in the eyes.
Guard against itchy eyes

Thus, we have been able to understand that itchy eyes have many causes. So, after understanding each cause, you need to choose the appropriate remedy and get it treated as soon as possible. Make sure you eat and drink healthy for healthy eyes. Certain foods could be chosen as per the season too. 

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