What Are The Causes Of Eye Tearing?

Tears don’t always mean crying. In fact, tears have multiple uses and benefits to them. For us, we might not be too concerned about what they do. But, the functions they do will simply astonish you. Now that we’ve established how important tears are, let us create more interest in you with this wonderful fact.

You might have already experienced the uncomfortable situation of having something fly into your eyes. You know that the first thing that happens is that your eye starts to water. Did you know that this is a defence mechanism of our body? That’s right! By producing tears, our body tries to flush the impurities off of our eyes. 

Okay! But, if your eyes are watering all the time, please don’t be in a misconception that it’s a defence mechanism. Moreover, it most probably means that your eyes need to be checked by a specialist right away. In this blog, we are here to educate you on what the causes of eye tearing are. 

What do watery eyes indicate?

There are several factors that give way to watery eyes. A few of them are:

  • Chemicals & fumes
  • Have you ever cut an onion and didn’t stop tearing for the next 5 minutes? Also when you take a shower and accidentally let the soap into your eyes. These are common causes of specific chemicals and fumes acting against your eyes. In this case, your eyes will keep producing tears to get rid of all the chemicals.

  • Infections
  • Infections are one of the common causes of watery eyes. When your eyes are exposed to viruses and bacteria, the human body develops tears in order to flush them out. Usually, infections can easily spread over the topmost layer of the eye. In such cases, your body constantly produces tears to slowly flush the infection out. 

  • Blockage
  • This is also one of the most common reasons for watery eyes. Tears, when produced should exit out of the eye. If held in, they could cause worse troubles. It is physically impossible for the human body to keep the tears in. But, natural reasons play a big part here. 

    There are quite a few cases that have a blockage in the tear duct. This makes the tears accumulate and makes the eye swell. In this case, the eyes start to produce a sticky liquid constantly. If this is your case, you suggest that you get your eyes checked immediately. 

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    How to treat watery eyes?

    These are some of the few common reasons why your eyes are watering. But, there are several other serious reasons that you should consider if your eyes keep watering. If you find your eyes in an uncomfortable situation, please connect with us right away. Our specialists will suggest you how to go about the same.

    In most cases, our specialists will prescribe eye drops. These eye drops help your eyes get back on track with the production of tears. In cases that include infections and allergies, you’ll be prescribed to take anti-biotics. One quick tip if you have blocked tear ducts is to place a warm towel on your eye several times during the day. 

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