The misery of Cancer

The disease

The Cancer has a lot of history attached to it. The history goes back to around the time of 400 BC. In that time the medical technology was not that much advanced. The doctors and the physician of that time, named the disease so because it resembled them of the hard crust that is present on the body of the crab. So they derives name from the Latin name of the crab called as the ‘Karkinos’. Even during that time also the disease was very much dangerous and the doctors didn’t find any clue to look for a cure of it. And the problem of it is very much present. Although doctors got the knowledge of the disease about how it happens and how the disease goes. But the cure is very much not found today in this 21st century also. This disease has caused a worldwide menace. It is the total third cause of fatality all over the world. And all the advanced therapeutic technique related to the cancer are very much costly which cannot be availed by the peoples of the lower middle class and the middle class population of India. As a matter of fact the scientists and the researchers are trying to find a clue to solve this misery. Thousands of labs all around the world are there, working day and night so as to get a possible solution this menace.

The Mechanism of action of the disease

The disease is very much advanced and it is said the cancer is the only disease which evolves on their own with the mankind itself. Just like the human beings they are also undergoing evolution. That is the most dangerous thing about the disease. The effects that were present 10 years aback has been advanced in today’s time. So it is practically becoming untouchable in terms of the treatment. So it is very much needed to track the disease from the root for its cure. The cure should be on the genetic level, then only it is possible to cure the disease in a total way. Genes are very much present behind the activity of the cancer. The disease is very much activated due to the presence of the cancer. So if we are able to silence of suppress that gene in a patient’s body then the effects of the cancer can be controlled. However the genetic expression of this cancer is so much dynamic that it is very much difficult to suppress the effects once it has been activated. The dynamicity is mainly due to the presence of the phenomenon called as the metastasis.

What activates the genes?

The genes of the cancer gets activation when mutation happens in the human body. These mutation are the certain changes the genetic composition of the body that changes the genetic organization as well as the genetic function of the whole body.

The treatment

Chemotherapy is the most common treatment technique for the disease cancer. The technique uses chemical substances so as to burn the cancerous cell of the body. The method is not that much effective as well.

Cost of the treatment

Chemothrpay cost in India is very much high as in totality the treatment of cancer is very much high as well. Still people uses everything to save their dear one for the lost cause also.


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