Stress Management Tips from Experts

Stress always creates a negative effect in our life. The very first reason of stress is being anxious. Being way too anxious is just not the mental hazard; but a physical one as well. This article presents the top natural stress management tips to help you fight the days of stress and anxiety.

1. Breathe easily

breathing from the diaphragm oxygenates blood, which helps relax quite instantly. In contrast, shallow chest breathing, may cause the heart beat faster and muscles get tensed up, exacerbating feeling of stress. For breathing deeply, begin with putting the hand on the abdomen below your navel. Inhale slowly by the nose and as the belly expands, watch the hand move out. Hold your breath for some seconds, exhale calmly and slowly. Repeat quite a few times.

2. Visualize Calm

one study has recently proven that this is highly effective when it comes to reducing stress. Imagine you are taking a hot shower and consequently you’ll feel a wave of calmness, washing the stress down a drain. Following this simple routine might be of help: Close your eyes, take slow, long breaths (three), and spend a few seconds recalling a relaxing view, or say imagine walking in a beautiful meadow, lying on a beach etc. Focus on the sight, the sound, the smell and other details.

3. Take some time-out for yourself-

Practice yoga regularly, listen to your favorite music, get a relaxing massage done. Step back from the problems, it will help to clear the head. Give yourself time. A quality 30 minutes would also do wonder to change your lifestyle. Sometime watching a comedy show or movie is a good idea to achieve a sound stress relieves. Try to cheer always.

4. Limit intake of alcohol, as well as caffeine:

These aggravate anxiety triggering frequent panic attacks. Sometime students/ youngsters get addicted to alcohol to get rid of stress, but there are the ways to balance work and study or work to avoid stress.

5. Sleep

Sleep for at least eight hours. When stressed, our body requires additional rest and sleep. Eight hours of sleep is must for a healthy life.

6. Try to give your best:

Rather than aiming at perfection, which obviously is not possible, give your best and be proud of yourself for the effort.

7. Welcome humor

Learn to Laugh. Dig out some time for you when you do only those activities which you like the most. This is one of the best stress buster.

8. Be positive

 Learn to replace the negative thoughts with the positive thoughts. Try to be optimistic always. Keep way the negativity.

9. Get involved

Find a way of being active in the society, community, volunteer which gives a break from the daily stress. Try to get involved in various social activities. It will give you inner satisfaction. You can opt for gardening, blood donation, visit to NGO etc.

10. Learn about what triggers the anxiety level with you:

Is it family, work, school, or something else? You can write about it in a diary when you are feeling much stressed or even anxious, and try to identify a pattern.

If the common ten remedies don’t help, you can always share it with someone. Tell a trusted friend, or family. If you feel you can’t disclose the matter to them, consult a physician or a therapist for some much needed professional help.

These are the Stress Management Tips from Experts, which you must follow for to keep yourself healthy and happy. Stay stress relieved!!!


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