Planning the Pregnancy

Charting the Menstruation Cycle

Pregnancy is all about timing. Every woman wants their pregnancy to occur at the best time when the body is best prepared. Thus the egg (ovum) and the sperm can meet properly. For this knowing the menstrual cycle is key. Each and every woman experiences menstrual cycle in an interval of 28 days. Thus barring those days, there are 6 days in which the woman remain sexually very much fertile. Having coitus in those days will give the best condition for the ovum to meet with the sperm and start all the complex chemical reaction. Thus charting the menstrual cycle prior to the pregnancy is very significant.

Pregnancy Calendar

After a successful menstrual period, a woman finally gets pregnant. However, one of the main problems that each and every woman faces in their gestational phase is stress and anxiety. Anxiety for what will happens in the coming days? Whether her baby is growing or not? Whether he is healthy or not? Stress and anxiety can change the entire chemical balance of the body. And these type of changes in this period is not at all recommended. Thus pregnancy chart or pregnancy calendar is useful as it gives the detailed information about the baby’s growth week by week in every detail so that the mother knows what is coming in the near future. They are widely available online and also in many medical stores. Having that calendar with you can help you keep the anxiety and stress away.

Detailed information

Regular checkups are very much needed for every woman. It helps the family and also the would-be mother to know when she needs to visit her doctor for checkups. The calendar consists of detailed information about all the events that are the changes, a woman will experience in 9 months with a proper time interval. And the calendar is so much detailed that the important changes are marked with asterix. Proper knowledge also sometimes help the woman to tackle the alteration she is having each and every day.

Pregnancy Calculator

Along with the pregnancy calendars, pregnancy calculators are also found which help to determine the dates of the important events that will occur during pregnancy. It also gives an account of the changes and the time of those changes in a proper way. Thus many types of calculators and calendar for pregnancy planning can be found online which are highly recommended for every woman to use.

Other planning

When you are planning for pregnancy having a properly timed coitus is not the only concern. It is advised that before pregnancy every couple should engage in genetic counselling. It helps to identify many problems that the baby might face after their birth. Thus it provides us with the best opportunity to cure those diseases before the birth of the baby. Diseases like the Hepatitis B and HIV AIDS can be identified with genetic counselling along with other chronic medical problems. Other than genetic counselling mother can also take vaccines to the transfer of many virus mediated diseases to her baby.


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