How to keep your eyes healthy while working on a computer?

Who today isn’t working on a computer, right? All jobs today demand working with one or multiple screens. With this culture, there has been a rapid increase in eye stress issues. That is why we are here to educate you with a few quick tips and tricks that you can use to keep your eyes healthy while working on a computer. Let’s dive in.

Now, before we proceed to the tips, let’s talk a little bit about the screens today. With the advancement of technology, fortunately, most of the screens that we use today are sort of okay to use for long periods of time. But, that doesn’t imply that it’s entirely okay to keep working without proper eye care. 

The danger that lies with screens is that the problems occur gradually and not in an instant. This makes it hard for you to assess the situation properly and might even make you ignore proper eye care. So, we suggest that you always keep your eyesight in check while working continuously. 

How to protect our eyes from laptops and mobiles?

There are multiple tips that we can give you in this blog, but we’re going to stick to those that will have long-lasting effects. All the tips that we present in this article can be made into habits. Including them in your lifestyle will create a much greater impact further down the line. 

Keep your room well-lit

As the work culture, today is mostly Work From Home, make sure you sit in a room that has ample natural light. This simple trick will ensure that your eyes catch light from various sources and not just from the screen. 

The 20/20/20 rule

This is a quite popular rule that almost all companies train their employees. The rule is designed such that your eyes get the required rest and exercise while working. It implies, if you work for 20 minutes straight, take a 20-second break and shift your focus to any object that is at least 20 feet away from you. The principle behind this rule is that your eyes don’t get strained looking at the same 2D plane that is the screen before you. Instead, you get to exercise your eyes for 20 seconds once every 20 minutes.

Wear glasses that protect eyes from screens

There are prescription glasses that work in reducing the stress on your eye muscles. Glare makes your eyes change or lose focus on the screen you’re viewing. By reducing the amount of glare that you get from your computer or mobile screen, these glasses let only ample light to your eyes. 

Limit your screen time by taking breaks

Breaks are the ultimate solution to decrease your eye stress. So, make sure you have a timer or an alarm set for a specific time. This will ensure that your eyes get enough rest and regain the strength in their muscles. 

There you go. As mentioned earlier in the blog, these are only a few popular tips that you can use to decrease your eye stress. Please make sure that you include these habits in your daily routine. In addition to these, make regular appointments with our specialists to keep your eyesight in check. Book an appointment.

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