Your eyes form an important part of your body. So, good eye care is essential for healthy vision. Hence, give your eyes extra care during the winter season to prevent infections, dry eyes, etc. Just be a little warm with them ? 

During the winter season, the cold air and low humidity cause damage to your protective tear film. In places where snowfall happens, the sunlight falls on the snow and reflects off. The reflecting sunshine has UV rays, which could harm your eyes.

Keep yourself well-hydrated during this period. You could intake fluids in the form of water, juices, soups, fruits and vegetables.

Good eye care in winter

Following safe eye care methods can make your winter a happy one. Let us look at these methods in detail.

  1. Use spectacles: If you use contact lenses regularly, it is advisable to replace them with spectacles during the winter months. Contact lenses can shift around when you get watery eyes or worsen the symptoms of dry eyes. Hence, spectacles can help you best this season.
  2. Use eye drops: During the winter months, eye drops will help in keeping your eyes lubricated. They help reduce the symptoms of dry eyes and keep your eyes comfortable.
  3. Stay away from allergens: Your eyes could be quite sensitive to allergens such as dust, smoke from the fireplace, pet hair and others. In such scenarios, stay away from them. For example, you may ask someone else to help you clean your home.
  4. Avoid touching eyes: Many people do this unknowingly when their eyes itch or twitch. In the case of women, they may adjust their makeup or apply cosmetics. If there are viruses on your hands, you may transfer them to your eyes.
  5. Fluid intake: Water plays a very important role in our body. Hence, replenish your lost bodily fluids by drinking enough water or other liquids, eating sufficient fruits and vegetables, etc. 
  6. Reduce screen time: If you reduce the amount of time spent on your smartphones, tablets and laptops, it will put less stress on your eyes and keep them away from dry eyes.
  7. Use protective eyewear: Using good quality eyewear or sunglasses protects your eyes from the cold winter air, allergens and UV rays. 
  8. Use a humidifier: You can keep your home moisturised using a humidifier if you are okay buying one.
Some extra winter eye care tips
  1. Use an air purifier: An air purifier can keep your home allergen-free. Make sure you buy a good quality one with HEPA filters and maintain it well.
  2. Healthy diet: Consume a diet rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C & E, B-complex, Lutein, Omega-3 fatty acids and more. 

Hence, good eye care can go a long way in ensuring happy winters. But you should take the first step towards your and your family’s eye health. 

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