How Do You Keep Your Eyes Healthy After The Age Of 40?

We’ve all heard about the health-related issues that might show up after the age of 40. And frankly, the age 40 means different to different generations. Even though they mean different, everybody who crosses the age of 40 should get a little serious about taking care of their eyes. It is what we will be talking about in this blog. As one of the best eye hospitals in Hyderabad, we can provide you with a few fantastic tips on taking good care of your eyes after the age of 40. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the blog. 

Before we jump into how to take care of your eyes after 40, let’s see what you should be looking out for. One of the most common eye problems after 40 is the inability to see far away objects. One other common problem is Dry Eye. As for the health-related issues, disturbances from harsh light, seeing floaters in vision, and faded colours are a few. These are only a few eye issues that might affect those who cross the age of 40. But, we are here to provide you with a few tips. 

Beware of Screens 

As discussed above, the way we work today is a lot different from that of the olden days. And yes, we are talking about the era of digital. Today, screens are all around us, and we spend a significant amount of hours looking at a screen these days. This excessive use of screens will affect our eyesight and the ability of our eyes to focus. To prevent this from happening, here are a few tips that you should start implementing today:

  • Keep the screen amply away from your eyes. Preferably 20-24 inches away. 
  • Adjust the brightness of your screen to be slightly more than that of your surroundings
  • Make sure to take a 2-minute break once every 20 minutes

If you start making these changes to your lifestyle today, you can significantly decrease the chance of eyesight issues after you cross 40 years of age. 

Diet is king

Diet isn’t just about keeping your weight and shape in control; and it controls our everyday activities too. Since eyes are the most sensitive organs of our body, the changes in diet will show an immediate effect on them. To maintain good eyesight, make sure to include carrots in your meals. At the same time, include vegetables and leaves that are rich in vitamin C & E. These essential nutrients will help keep your eyesight in line. 

Exercise for good eyesight

Practice exercising regularly, preferably in the mornings. The rush of blood flow within your body early in the morning will make sure to balance out the spread of nutrients all over your body and the eyes. The oxygen supply to the eyes will reduce the chance of Cataracts and Glaucoma. 

So, those are a few tips on how you can keep your eyesight clear and vibrant after the age of 40 and forever. So, if you’re looking for the best eye specialists, we’re right here for you. We have the best eye care teams in both AP and Telangana equipped with advanced eye care technologies. 

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